I’ve heard of fan service…


Shock announcement (at least to me it was) that Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD will be skating its way over to PC!

I’ve not been the most avid fan of the series as a whole, but I am an avid fan of nostalgia tripping. For myself, and countless others, the early titles of the series represent a time when I was just starting to get into video games. I mean, it was a great period of time for games. 1998 – 2000 holds most of my favorite games of all time. Examples, Oddworld, Crash, Pokemon, and Tekken. Iconic titles to which I hold such great fondness.

I’m personally hoping the PC version will be available nice and shortly after the console versions have had their “moments” in the limelight. I can assure you that THPS HD has already been suggested as a tournament contender for Dundee Video Game Society’s next LAN Party.

One of the most exciting elements of the THPS remake is the online multiplayer. Online play stands out as, in my opinion at least, the most prominent mark the last 5 years in gaming has burned onto us. I literally can’t wait to jump into some online mayhem.

However, the days of dragging your friends round your place to beat them at all the games you have that they don’t seem to be fading away. Maybe I’m just getting too old?

Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD PC Screenshot

THPS HD announced for PC

When all is said and done, THPSHD may just be another stepping stone across the river of remakes. With remakes of Final Fantasy X and Oddworld on the not too distant horizon, I can only wish that one day Crash Team Racing will receive a beautifully faithful remake with multiplayer. I would die happy.

Keep collecting coins,
Keep making doors open.